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Mixing  traditional and modern wines focusing on indigenous grape varieties. Occasionally vintages may differ. See the board for other offerings

White Wine
Grecanico Bianco Sicilia IGT 2009 Vignali Roccamora                                                                                                         14.25 Delightful, clean fresh Sicilian wine, fractionally off-dry, white/green/yellow fruit nose and palate.    
Orvieto DOC Podere Le Vaglie 2009 Umbria                                                                                                                       14.50
Lovely, easy fresh green fruit nose reflected with a palate of apples and citrus fruits with a clean finish.
Ponte Pietra Trebbiano-Gargenega 2010                                    17.5cl  4.85                25cl  6.35                           70cl    15.95
Beautifully balanced wine with almond blossom nose, fresh and clean ripe white fruit flavours, lively in the mouth with a gentle apple finish.
Prosecco  Primo, NV Cavit                                                                                                                                                   15.95
Fabulous, lightly sparkling prosecco.  Lively, fruity honeysuckle bouquet, with a crisp, clean citrus pulp  palate. Excellent with or without food.
Castanzu Vermentino di Sardegna 2010                                                                                                                              16.55
Light, soft, zesty freshness on the nose with a fruity, almondy lightness in the mouth one expects from young vermentino with a lovely, cleansing “cut” on the long finish
Verdeca Masseria Torre Rossa IGT Puglia 2008                                                                                                                   17.00
Lovely distinctive nose of greengages and yellow plums leading onto a full balanced palate.
Soave DOC Ca De Rocchi 2009 Tinazzi                                                     17.5cl  5.25                25cl  6.50                70c     4.50    Classic Soave nose, white flowers palate is elegant, clean and floral with a little richness and weight.     
Falanghina Beneventano 2008 IGT – Falco                                                                                                                          17.50
Beautiful fresh fruit salad aromas encompass the nose.  A balanced palate with greengages, aniseed and tarragon to the fore. It has both an element of richness and a gentle lemon sherbet acidity.
Pinot Grigio Terrazze della Luna Trentino Cavit 2008                                                                                                        19.65
Clean, pure varietal flavours with light floral/citrus aromas accompanied with soft aniseed and apple notes with a clean finish and a hint of richness in the mouth.
Pallio di San Floriano Verdicchio 2009                                                                                                                                21.95
3 Bicchiere    - wonderful peach and tropical fruit nose with good weight of fruit continuing onto the long palate – excellent and great value
Bottega Vinai Gewurtztraminer 2009 Trento                                                                                                                      22.50
The cool northern climes are reflected in the headily fragrant, aromatic rose petal and lychee nose which is reflected with more intensity and richness of the palate

Rosato Wine

Montepulciano Rosato IGT Colli Teatine Masciarelli 2008                                              17.5cl  5.85         25cl  7.80          19.50
Pink wine from an acknowledged [late] master of the Montepulciano grape. Pearly-pink with a beautifully assertive, clean palate; tangy strawberry and cranberry notes balanced by good structure.
Metodo Zero Rose NV  Di Stefani                                                                                                                                         27.00
Prosecco, sparkling with a classical delicate floral perfume enhanced by the addition of some Pinot Noir grapes giving colour and red berry fruit aromas and flavours as well as extra backbone and structure.

Sweet Wine
Moscato Passito Palazzina 2005                                                                                       75ml glass    3.90    35cl bottle   16.50

Classic northern (cool) moscato.  Beautiful tangerine and apricot aromas on a sweet yet light and complex palate. Lovely dessert wine not to be underestimated as a calming aperitif.        

Red Wine

Negroamaro/Primitivo IGT Puglia 2008 Sole Di Puglia  Feudo Di Santa Croce                                                                      13.95

Clean red/black berry fruit nose reflected on palate balanced with gentle tannins and refreshing acidity. Lucarelli Negroamaro IGT Puglia 2010 Terre Di Sava Puglia                                                                                  17.5cl  4.85     25cl  6.35   70cl      15.95
Classic southern Italian grape, full bodied, excellent fruit nose, dry gently spiced finish
1489 Chianti Riserva  2006 Tenute Toscane                                                                                                                       17.00
A delicious, fine-nosed, rose-hip scented red wine, lovely balance -  great value.  
Nero D’Avola Cent’are Rosso 2007 - Duca di Castelmonte                                                                                                  17.50
Nero D’Avola mixed with 10% Syrah.  Full bodied, dark smokey fruit with a typical dusting of cocoa and tobacco.  The Syrah lends a touch of sweet fruit to an otherwise dry finish.
Lucarelli Primitivo IGT Puglia 2010 Terre Di Sava Puglia                                                                                                     17.50
Vibrant, young modern primitivo, fresh berry fruits combined with undertones of raisins, prunes and  the warmth of the south
Montepulciano Barricato 2007 Adria Vini                                                                                                                            18.50
Classic Montepulciano flavours of dark plums and damsons with a rustic hint of smoky earthiness given a lifting, urbane sheen of oak and nicely matured tannins.
Barbera Ceppi Storici 2007 Araldica                                                                                                                                   18.50
Medium weight Barbera, delicious succulent ripe red fruit perfectly balanced, lovely complexity.
Primitivo Di Manduria DOC Ampelo 2008                                                                                                                             21.00
No apologies for another Primitivo. This has a wonderful typical red/black fruit nose with supple tannins and a sheen of vanilla from 4 months barrique aging.  Rich, mouthfilling palate.
Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Classica  Masciarelli  2007   (organic)                                                                                         21.00
From the acknowledged maestro of Montepulciano this has the classic fleshy, earthy, dark damson and blackcurrant fruit flavours of the grape but with more perfumed elegance, finesse and suppleness.
Salice Salentino 2005 Candido                                                    17.5cl  5.85             25cl  7.75                      70cl             22.00
Classic southern wine; nicely matured  Negroamaro & Malvasia grapes give a scent of warm dried flowers & ripe plums and hints of tobacco to give a limpid, elegant wine, backed with a  good structure.
Barbaresco Corsini 2007 Piemonte Araldica                                                                                                                         24.00
Showing the greatness nebbiolo can be.  Dried rose petal and violets on the nose lead to a light lively mouthfeel but coupled with the intense structure, vinosity and grip that is the hallmark of the grape
Chianti Classico 2004  Fattoria di Rodano                                                                                                                            28.00
Traditional chianti but aged in French barrique.  Luscious savoury fruit: plum, wild strawberries and cherry with a cinnamon lift.  Unfiltered, unfined – natural and delicious and excellent value.
Taurasi DOCG De Falco Campania 2002                                                                                                                               32.00
A monster from the south. 3 years in barrel, unfiltered, the Aglianico grape produces a massive structured wine with the fragrance of forest fruits, violets and liquorice. Magnificent, give it plenty of air.